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8/28/10  Biking at Sistahs Steppin!

At 2010 Sistahs Steppin In Pride, an Oakland Dyke March, there was a bike contingent with the parade! Super fun, it was a very mellow pace to stay with the march, so you got to talk with your biking neighbors. Met lots of great folks, including people from WOBO. Come join us next year! Yay for queers on bikes. Thank you so much to the organizers of the bike contingent, and to everyone who worked so hard on Sistahs Steppin, it was such a great space. 

8/15/10 Bike Scavenger Hunt

In collaboration with Wheel Unite, we hosted our first Scavenger Hunt! Folks rode all over Oakland and learned trivia about 
all sorts of  Oakland History! 

There were prizes for:
most creative- Team Creating Safe Space
quickest team- Team FRS
safest team- The Other Team
and honorary mention to The Hoppy Whales, Team On Strike and Team Keepin it Baysick!

8/1/10 Craft Fair & Plant Sale!

The summer programs from the SOL and Bikery collaboration planned and hosted this craft fair as part of their internship training in grassroots fundraising. They were raising money for our end-of-program camping trip, and succeeded very well with the loving support of our community! SOL/Bikery interns sold plant starts they had grown through the summer, and lots of incredible baked goods. We also had Jenna  from Red Bike and Green selling shirts, Olivia from SOL doing charicatures, Mercedes & her amazing earrings, Nushkins, Mariah & Monet selling crafts they made in Girls Bike Crew! It was awesome.

7/11/10   Rad Massaker Alleycat!

The infamous Rad Massaker Alleycat was a benefit for Cycles of Change, our parent organization, again this year! 6 of us rode it, including San for part of it, Eugene, Elokin, Jose, Jabari and folks who were part of Cycles in the past, Tobe, and Darnell. Jose was the only one of us who placed, and we all had a blast riding the 60 miles through Oakland to Richmond, up to the Mormon Temple and our to Richmond, super challenging and awesome... Thanks to the organizers for throwing this benefit for us!! We are honored and happily exhausted ;)

5/28/10 Cooking Program Fundraiser

Wow, this was incredible. Bikery intern Priscilla Hoang made an amazing meal complete with pizza, lasagna, cheesecake, vegan chocolate cake, local salad and locally harvested sparkly fruit fizz, complete with vegan and wheat-free options for everything!! She created the menu and was the head chef all evening- here is the event in her own words:   "In the end, I did feel like it was the perfect meal. People were so generous with their donations, and the Bikery was able to keep the cooking program running. The night was fun, I learned the pressure of a crowd (although they were great, I felt bad that some had to wait a really long time for their food.) It was such a great reminder that our community is so loving and supporting. It was almost 11 at night. I have been cooking on my feet for almost 9 hours, but in the end, it was worth it. Love, Priscilla."

5/22/10 Bike Contest at the 
Malcom X Jazz Festival

The Bike Contest was awesome,  we hope to do it again next year! We wanna see it grow into a space where bikers can build community  thru celebrating the creativity & skills we have on our bikes. Thanks to Eastside Arts Alliance for having us!

Contest Results:


Youth Longest track stand: Jose

Adult Longest track stand: Dude
Highest Bunny Hop: Omar, from Ride SFO!
Youth Best Skills on BMX - Keith
Scraper Bikes:

Most Creative: Junior

Tallest Bike- Alex

Best Sound System (beside's Nick's!) KB

5/21/10 First ever 
East Bay Bike Party!

Nick Martinez and the bike he built, Ghetto Fabulous, out blastin' beats at the first ever East Bay Bike Party. We had a lot of technical difficulties on this ride, and had to repair 2 flats along the way! Still it was really fun, lots of great bike sound systems... good times, good people. 

4/3/10 Bikery Youth 
at American Deco!

This year, The Bikery, including interns Nick Martinez and Priscilla Hoang, were invited to be part of East Side Arts Alliance's youth guerilla theater performance, American Deco. The show was about corporate control of our communities, and the resistance that rose up and took the power back! The Bikery starred as themselves, part of a guerilla movement creating community resources through bikes and escorted the victory march onto International!

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