Other Bike Organizations We Respect!

Red, Bike and Green

Red, Bike and Green is a community-building collective of Black urban cyclists seeking to improve the physical and mental health, economy and local environment of African Americans by creating a relevant and sustainable Black bike culture.

P.O.K.E.R. Bicycle Familia

Bicycling has been long been thought of as some kind of bougie or hipster or "white" thing. And the reality is, although there ARE folks of color who ride, we often find ourselves feeling alone in many of the organized (or unorganized) group rides that happen in the Bay and elsewhere. This is where the idea of the P.O.K.E.R ride came about. To create a space for people of color to ride, have fun, promote active health, and in the process, build community.

El Colectivelo

Spanish bilingual community bike shop. Un taller comunitario y bilingüe de bicis.

Bikes 4 Life

This retail store will cater to the growing market of new riders, by selling quality used bicycles at affordable prices. B4L will also offer exciting programming focused on leadership development and community organizing.

Scraper Bikes

The Scraper Bike Movement seeks to capture the creativity of youth living within dangerous communities. It gives them a positive outlet that is fun, educational, and promotes healthy lifestyles. The Scraper Bike Movement offers youth a sustainable group of peers that is positive and motivating. We want to expand and enlighten young peoples perspective on life through fixing and painting bicycles. Our goal is to support youth entrepreneurship and cultural innovation.

Hard Knox Bikes

Hard Knox Bikes (formerly Binx Garage) is a mobile clinic advocating bike education through workshops and other events. Inspired by Kitty Knox, we serve people of color, women, queer communities and families of Oakland and the East Bay. We strive to offer a welcoming space for the diverse community of folx who cycle. Our goal is to inspire and empower our communities to lead healthy, active, confident lives through cycling. Hard Knox Bikes also offers repairs and references to other bike programs, workspaces, rides and more.

Friends and Neighbors


We work to support and promote an urban community involved in, inspired by, and educated about environmentally and socially conscious living, and to provide a space to model and teach these practices locally.

East Side Arts Alliance

The EastSide Arts Alliance (ESAA) is an organization of artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color who live and/or work in the San Antonio district of Oakland. We are committed to working in the San Antonio and other Oakland neighborhoods to support a creative environment that improves the quality of life for our communities and advocates for progressive, systemic social change.


The East Bay Asian Youth Center (EBAYC) is a community-building organization dedicated to inspiring young people to be life-long builders of a just and compassionate multi-cultural society.

Banteay Srei

We are committed to working with young people who have been sexually exploited and especially with young people who have engaged in the sex trade, to get the resources and support that they need in order to live safer and happier lives.

Street Level Health Project

Street Level Health Project’s model for closing the gap in health care access for low-income, recently immigrated communities is three-fold: 1) bringing health care to the community through our Health Access Program; 2) tightening the link between individuals and community health clinics through our Navigator Empowerment Program; and 3) addressing the root causes of poor health by strengthening and empowering individuals and communities to be healthy through our Health Education and Leadership Program.

Our Supporters Who We Thank SO MUCH!

The Bike Kitchen

For donating funds and bikes to us!
The Bike Kitchen is a cooperative, do-it-yourself bike repair shop. We provide all the tools and parts you need to fix or build a bicycle.

LakeView Bicycles

For donating bike parts to us!
As people who ride every day, we want to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with people who want to start riding bikes, keep riding, or ride something new.

Oakland Rad Bikes

Ethan for all of your help with mechanics!
Oakland rad bikes is a new bicycle service endeavor that aims to help community members within alameda county, and the surrounding bay area, unite with bicycling through sliding scale repair services and mechanics lessons.

Missing Link

For being a donation center and to Kat for being a rad mechanic at our women, trans, and genderqueer nights!
Missing Link Bicycle Co-op has been a cooperatively run bike shop for over 36 years. This business is different from others, because we are cooperatively run, that means that each employee of the business is an equal owner.

Arizmendi Oakland

For pizza and other treats! Thank you!
We are a cooperative worker-owned and operated business. Just as we were supported by many in our establishment here, we hope to provide support to the establishment of future worker-owned businesses.

Lake Merrit Boating Center

To Kyle and your support of us getting on the water too!
The Lake Merritt Boating Center is open year round for everyone to enjoy the plush scenery and calming atmosphere. The Boating Center rents a variety of non-motorized boats to the public to enjoy leisure afternoons and weekends with family and friends.

Blossom Bluff Orchards

For the fruit we use in our bike-blender smoothies!

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