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Meet the folks who keep the gears turning...

Collective Staff Members
The Bikery is committed to centering the leadership of people of color, youth, women, trans and genderqueer folk, and people from Oakland!


loves glitter and adventuring on my bike. To me bikes are thrilling, revolutionary, community building tools! I 've led bike ride programs with youth for 5 years, and see it like teaching folks to fly- liberation! I am really excited the Bikery becoming a community space accessible to anyone who needs it- from classes to art events, fundraisers to affordable and/or free bikes, communicating many languages , bikes for all physical abilities.

Mario Rosero

Eugene Kang

likes bikes, especially bikes with gears. that's right, i said it. i heart my derailleur. but i also heart the way bikes can make you feel. riding can give you such a different perspective on the things around you, and such a sense of freedom and self-reliance. at the bikery, i appreciate everyone's commitment to creating an accessible and welcoming space for folks to get on bikes or get bike help. they are also a hella fun bike adventuring crew!


San Saephan


Collective Intern Members
A.K.A. Future Staff Members! Once folks are finished with the hard work of high school, they will be invited to join the staff. Our goal is to pass this project on to be run completely by youth from Oakland.

Nick Martinez

Kashif Assad


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