Sugar Belly

Sugar Belly is Currently on Hiatus!

Sugar Belly!
is every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
from 6:30p - 9p.

A night specifically for women, genderqueer, gender variant and trans folx, we open up our shop hours to cater to these communities.

The workspace is available for those how want to learn to fix their bikes, already know and just want to borrow tools, ask questions or just come hang with other bikey folx.
Impromptu rides, parties and snacking !!!

1st & 3rd Wednesdays, 6:30-9pm:


@ The Bikery

2289 International Blvd, Oakland

Visit our Sugarbelly Facebook page! 

Sugarbelly is a nite for women, trans, and genderqueer folks to come together and work on bikes in a supportive space. This blog is a place we can connect and share events, thoughts, ideas, and more, as we build a movement of bike love and gender liberation together!

We recognize a lot of women, trans, and genderqueer people may experience discrimination as a barrier to riding or working on bikes: this is a night to build community and empower each other with information and skills to work on bikes!

At Sugarbelly you can find folks to help you work on your bike, you can skillshare what you know with people who are learning, and you can find a cupcake or two for sale, baked by youth in The Bikery's different youth programs!

We eat sugar and other sweet things, and enjoy each other's company. We have a monthly craft theme at the 1st Wednesday of the month, and on the 3rd we have a regular shop nite. Anybody can volunteer to host a mechanic skillshare, a craft workshop, or other bike-ish related thing that you want to teach about! We also plan rides and go adventuring together. Join us!

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